Based in Amsterdam, I work as an independent freelance Post Production Supervisor & Workflow Consultant for feature films in the European co-production environment. For a full project list check IMDB Pro, Production manager section.

With a background in Journalism & Photography, I have been working in analogue & digital film post production since 2005. In these years, analogue film post production faded and digital workflows rapidly evolved. Besides my projects, I aim to share and increase my post production knowledge as Program Manager & Group leader at the post production workshop APostLab.

Want to go Dutch? The Netherlands Film Fund offers Exploration support for foreign producers to hire a post production supervisor to do research, get quotes, and create a proper post budget for your film before applying for the Production Incentive offering a 30 – 35% cash rebate for post production spend in the Netherlands. More information can be also found on the Netherlands Postproduction Alliance‘s website.

I compensate for my travels by planting trees via treesforall.nl